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Search Engine Help by Mainline Web Design

When it comes to search engine help, we have you covered.  Search Engines are the most important part of a successful website.  Without being in the search engines, you just can succeed.  Most web designers just don't get it.  We do.  Our customers are always satisfied with the results.

Getting into the search engines is never guaranteed, no matter what you hear.  It takes time, smarts, and patients.  Though I would love to tell you more we can't give out our secrets.  We just apply them;)

We charge $100 an hour for web services including search engine optimizing and promotion.  Unless other reason occur.

Search Engines include:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Live
  • Dogpile
  • Mamma
  • Alta Vista
  • Many More
Website Hosting
What is hosting?
Hosting is a service which allows you to put your website online.  Hosting can be very important. Unless your site is just a personal site. If your site is important then click for services.
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What are domain names?
Domain names are your .com's, .us, .ca, .tv. .info, etc.  For example

What is .com?
Well .com means commercial its the most recommended because its most well known.

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